Service Offerings for Air Pollution Control Equipment

Condition Assessment

We do condition assessment of all APC equipment outlining improvement area, corrective measures and recommend proper input conditions for optimum performance of the equipment. Mostly after Condition Assessment, the life of APC Equipment gets enhanced for customers on implementation of our expert recommendations.


We undertake all types of APC equipment overhauling with recom­mendations of spares requirement.

Remaining Life Assessment (RLA) of Filter Bags

We undertake RLA of existing Filter bags in Bag Filter, for parameters like Tensile Strength, Mullen Burst, Air Permeability, stitch quality and overall remaining life, with our recommendations.

Annual Service Contracts (ASC) of APC Equipment

We provide Annual Service Contracts for all types of APC Equipment.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

We undertake AMC of almost all types of APC Equipment on field. AMC is primarily of 2 types -
  • Comprehensive (with Spares)
  • Non Comprehensive
This will be year-long activity spread into typically 3-4 visits for running inspection as well as shutdown inspection. The service will ensure higher availability of APC equipment

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis

The CFD Analysis is a Vital Tool for understanding existing flow pattern within duct and through APC Equipment. By CFD, flow abnormality/ disorder, within duct and through APC Equipment, can be identified with corrective actions required .

Gas Distribution (GD) Test

GD Test is a very important test for ensuring proper spread of gas flow across ESP cross section. We undertake GD Test for any make of ESPs. GD Test and subsequent corrective actions for flow pattern distribution will actually restore, the already lost efficiency of ESP due to flow distortions on prolong use. It is a very good tool which actually improves any existing ESP's performance by taking corrective actions based on the result of GD Test.

Site Validation of APC Equipment

We validate APC equipment performance through this test by simultaneous measurement at equipment's inlet and outlet, for the parameters like gas flow, gas temperature. inlet dust load, outlet emission, dust chemical analysis, dust particle size analysis, actual pressure drop in APC equipment, actual Electrical parameters vis-a-vis design data, etc.

Lab Services

We provide services for testing of following parameters:
  • Stack Sampling
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Dust Chemical Analysis
  • Dust Particle Size Analysis
  • Dust Resistivity Analysis

REMOCS – Remote Operations of APC Equipment

Any Air Pollution Control Equipment can be remotely controlled through web & cloud based server. For any earmarked ESP or Bag Filter, first we need to map the architecture of instrumentations and the REMOCS dashboard screen will be custom built based on the architecture.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of APC Equipment

We are now geared up for undertaking APC Equipment O&M jobs in order to ensure highest reliability & availability of all APC equipment in the plant. Necessary preventive maintenance is the regular affair within the O&M package and also we have on calls team for attending any emergency breakdown problem in any one or more APC equipment in the plant.
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